• Sandra Künzler

Celebrate your own uniqueness - living your individuality

We are all individuals and therefore as individual as a fingerprint. We have different genes, learn different things, and come from various cultures. This leads to your own values, needs and motivational factors in life.

The world around us says we need to follow a certain path and hit certain milestones by specific ages. It already starts at school, where children are expected to reach specific goals, regardless of their talents, in order to follow a predetermined career. It remains the same with regards of starting a family and ends with your retirement.

Social and cultural norms define the path of each and everyone of us, it is expected to have your career breakthrough in your 20s, find the perfect partner in early your 30s and settle down with kids and be financially secure for the rest of your life.

Have you ever asked yourself, „is this what I really want, am I truly happy?“

Are you doing what you can as well as you can or do you actually have completely different skills and talents, which would bring much more joy and success into your life?

Many people are not aware of what they really want and strive for something that is predetermined or has been taught. This determines their job, whether or not they get married, live in a house, have a dog etc.

Very few wonder if that's really what makes them entirely happy and fulfilled. If you look around you, you might see all your friends and family leading that perfect life, which often causes a certain pressure to be alike. Yet it is important to understand, that what might be right for others, is not necessarily the right path for you.

Press pause for a moment to create awareness in order to find out who you are and what really matters in your life. Moments of stillness allow us to reconnect with our real inner self and listen to our inner voice, ideas, desires and beliefs.

Mindfulness practice is an effective tool which allows us to step back from our daily hassle and learn, who we truly are allowing us to honor that authentic voice deep within. Hypnosis helps us to reprogram our subconscious and dissolving limiting beliefs and patterns.

It is important to understand that you always have a choice in life - create choices and don’t get stuck in old patterns.

Honor your uniqueness, instead of conforming to how others think you should be.

Celebrate your bravery for going forth your own path.

Let's find out how my coaching could support you to celebrate YOUR UNIQUENESS.

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